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Hello and welcome! I’m Shelley, and I’m a firm believer that our identities should be separate from the work that we do.

So I’ll introduce myself by telling you right off the bat what excites me.

Storytelling excites me. Diversity, design and social startups excite me too. I’m also really into fitness; right now I’m hooked on HIIT courses and mountain biking.

Some fun facts about me: I’ve bungee jumped and skydived before, shaved my head for cancer research, taught myself to speak German and backpacked in Australia for a year.

Professionally, I’ve spearheaded the launch of a media website, given live interviews to the BBC and Sky News and moderated panels discussions about female entrepreneurship.

Over the past decade, I’ve worked in online media and communications at corporates such as VW as well as startups in Germany, the UK and Canada.

An avid public speaker, I’ve also given talks on topics ranging from an entrepreneurial mindset to content creation from an editorial perspective.

Currently I’m based in Munich, though a part of me will always consider Toronto home.

Connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter if you’d like to find out more!