Dalí Jewels

As a student of art and design in high school and university, I feel ashamed to admit that until recently, I did not know Dalí also created jewellery. I found out when were travelling in Catalonia last December and decided to visit the Dalí Theatre and Museum in Figueres. After elbowing through hoards of tourists at the main museum, entering the Dalí Jewels exhibition (which is located in a separate building) was a tranquil and fascinating retreat.

Unusual motifs are clearly evident in the jewellery Dalí designed: twisted limbs, florally faces, melted clocks, glittery golden hearts, hot pink lips, clusters of grapes/skulls, etc. I admit that I’m a sucker for freakish concepts when it comes to art. But to be honest, I personally wouldn’t be tempted to actually wear any of this jewellery today. Still, I’d argue that all of these pieces are rather timeless; it’s impressive that Dalí started designing them as early as 1941.

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