Making Movements

I cannot stand the idea of settling. When I hear about people who are unhappy with their jobs or their lives in general, I cannot understand why they make no attempt to change things. I agree that life is hard. But success – however you define the word – does not land in one’s lap.

Too often, the excuse is, “I don’t know what I want to do (with my life).” Fair enough. None of us do. But you won’t get closer to the career of your dreams by thinking about it as opposed to actually doing something about it. Time is valuable; take up new hobbies, go back to university, read, do research, travel and/or get out there and talk to people who inspire you. By being proactive, you will surely discover what you’re passionate about.

Every chapter in one’s life is dependant on another chapter. It is impossible to jump from Point A to Point F, for example, yet so many people expect to be able to. But what’s the fun in that? Life is a learning process. It is a chain of events and random discoveries. Focus not on simply crossing the finish line, but instead, on enjoying the journey that leads you to it.

Think about someone  you deem to be successful. This person very likely put in a lot of hard work to get to where they are. We are not born with natural drive, motivation and resilience, however all three can no doubt be cultivated. Successful people possess these qualities. They realize the importance of having ongoing goals.

Start by establishing one personal goal. Do everything in your power to reach it and you will discover how addictively satisfying the feeling of overcoming challenges can be.

Fear is the monster that hinders us from achieving our goals. We are fearful of the risks involved, fearful of failure, fearful of the unknown, etc. I get it but then I don’t. Sure, we all have responsibilities and it’s “easier said than done” to just pick up and move to another country, for instance. The trick is not to mull it over. Before you can talk yourself out of doing something you want to do but your friends and family deem crazy, DO IT.

Start making movements NOW. If you don’t, in fifty years you may look back on your life and regret not having seized enough moments. Personally, I cannot think of a more horrible feeling. Surround yourself with positive people and although it may not come naturally to you, think optimistically. It is nobody else’s job to push you to your full potential. The only person holding you back from dreaming big and aiming high is you.



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