2016 US Election: Americans in Cardiff

What is it like for Americans in Cardiff watching the US presidential primary election from across the pond? Republican candidate Donald Trump has been all over the news, but he’s also been on the minds of some Americans abroad.

It’s a long way to the White House and choosing the next president of the United States isn’t simple. Though the general election – where ballots are cast for the next president of America – isn’t until 8 November, the voting going on right now is for the nomination of one candidate to represent each of America’s main political parties: one Democrat and one Republican.

Two Democrats and four Republicans are currently competing in a series of state contests to gain their party’s nomination. This summer, only one Democrat and one Republican candidate will emerge. The two will continue campaigning throughout the fall until the general election.


Donald Trump is now the frontrunner in the Republican party’s nominating race. Thus, the Republican party is in a state of crisis because many of the party’s senior leaders disagree with Trump’s views, including his stance on immigrants and Muslims.

So far, Donald Trump has got more than half of the number of delegates he needs in order to win the nomination for the Republican party. Delegates are individuals such as party activists and local party leaders who represent their respective parties after the primaries are over.

The candidate who accumulates a majority of his/her party’s delegates during the primaries wins the presidential nomination and continues on to the general election. Tomorrow could be pivotal for all six candidates who are running because the primaries will be held in five US states – some of which have a large number of delegates up for grabs.

The full version of this article can be found at Cardiff News Plus, where it was originally published on 14 March 2016.

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