Third Reich Tourism in Germany

The British have long been fascinated by Nazi Germany. UK tour companies even offer package tours to Germany that visit sites connected to Hitler and the Third Reich. In a journey across the country from the Bavarian Alps to the Baltic Sea, I follow a group of British travellers on one of these tours to find out whether a fascination for Nazi Germany really is the reason why some of the tour members have come.

Back in November, I decided to focus on tourism in Germany for my MA dissertation. I was and still am passionate about this topic because I feel that Germany is too often overlooked as a European travel destination.

But then, sometime in May, I narrowed in on one particular aspect of my dissertation topic when I found out (much to my surprise and intrigue) about a tour called The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Once I got the green light from British tour company Leger Holidays to tag along on one of these tours, the rest was history.

I could go into detail about the huge amount of work that went into planning and filming this piece, but I won’t. I’ll just say I couldn’t have done it without the bf, my camera operator, who helped me drive over 4000 km in Germany to get all the necessary material.

I hope you find the film insightful. And I welcome any feedback or criticism you may have.

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