The press covering the press!

Local German newspaper The Braunschweiger Zeitung has featured my article about living in Braunschweig as an expat.


[The text above translated from German into English:]


The online news site The Local Germany presents an international audience with the best of Germany – in the English language. Braunschweig is mentioned rather often, just like recently.

Journalist Shelley Pascual from Toronto summarizes her life experiences in Brunswick. For her, it’s probably the most underrated city in Germany. She’s even met people from Berlin who don’t know where Braunschweig is.

And what was Shelley Pascual particularly fond of in our city? Read the article yourself, there’s lots in there. Also criticisms.

But above all: Braunschweig’s absolute highlight – the St. Andreas tower at Wollmarkt with its 389 steps. What a breathtaking view over Brunswick!

And now for the best part: in the Reformation year 2017, the entrance fee to go up the tower at St. Andreas costs not one cent.’

The article – Braunschweig: The German city that deserves to be put on the map – can be found at The Local Germany, where it was originally published on 20 March 2017.

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