Moderating a panel discussion in Berlin.

Hello there!

As I’m a firm believer in asking each other questions like ‘what are you into?’ rather than inquiring about someone’s job, I’ll tell you right off the bat what excites me.

Telling multimedia stories excites me. I’m also passionate about diversity, design and startups that strive to solve the world’s most pressing issues. And I find mountain biking and baking therapeutic.

Currently based in Munich, I’m responsible for content and comms at an impact company called inveox. Previously, I lived in Berlin and worked at publishing and media company, Startup Guide, as content lead and editor. I’ve also covered national news for a global audience as a reporter and deputy editor at The Local Germany.

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Fun facts about me: I’ve spearheaded and strategized the launch of a media website, given live interviews to the BBC and Sky News as well as moderated panel discussions about female entrepreneurship.

I’ve also bungee-jumped and sky-dived before, shaved my head for cancer research, backpacked in Australia for a year and taught myself to speak German when I moved to ‘Schland on a one-way ticket in 2012.

Want to collaborate or find out more? Drop a line here: shelleypascualmedia@gmail.com

Posing in front of my East German moped (called a Simson Schwalbe).