An Artsy Fartsy Weekend

Having checked out a bunch of art events in town this past weekend, I really had the chance to connect with the creative side of me that used to draw, paint, set type, bind books, etc.

Immersing myself in all this creativity made me realize that though I’m not pursuing art/design professionally right now, it’s still a huge part of me and I don’t define myself solely by my current career path.

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Doors Open Toronto 2017

Looking down on Nathan Phillips Square from the observation deck on the 27th floor at City Hall.

Buildings of significance in Toronto opened their doors to the public this weekend for the 18th straight year and yet it was the first time I’d ever taken advantage of it.

Doors Open Toronto fed my curiosity for what places I’d passed by a million times over the course of my life looked like inside. It also gave me the chance to see unique, panoramic views of the city that I hadn’t seen before.

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