Right now, I’m in a stage many people would describe as uncomfortable or even painful. I’ve just finished a year of postgraduate studies, and I’ve slowly started the job hunt. During this in between period, nothing is certain. I have no idea what country I may be moving to in the next few months. I’ll move to wherever the job takes me, really.  And yet I’m not panicking.

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A New Chapter


It’s official. I’m going back to university! (insert emoji of sassy woman doing the jig here) Whereas some dread the idea of enrolling into an educational institution after having already achieved a qualification, I, on the other hand, have never felt more free.

Studying Journalism will allow me to finally focus on my career. It will open doors to the industry I want to influence and be a part of. I entertained the idea of doing a Masters program for far too long, and now that everything’s actually coming together, I have been on a constant natural high.

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Making Movements

I cannot stand the idea of settling. When I hear about people who are unhappy with their jobs or their lives in general, I cannot understand why they make no attempt to change things. I agree that life is hard. But success – however you define the word – does not land in one’s lap.

Too often, the excuse is, “I don’t know what I want to do (with my life).” Fair enough. None of us do. But you won’t get closer to the career of your dreams by thinking about it as opposed to actually doing something about it. Time is valuable; take up new hobbies, go back to university, read, do research, travel and/or get out there and talk to people who inspire you. By being proactive, you will surely discover what you’re passionate about.

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