One Year Ago Today

How has the course and student life in general been going? And what’s the plan after the course ends in a few months?

People always say that time flies. But when I reflect back on the past year, I don’t feel time has flown. I had anticipated studying on the International Journalism MA course so much so, that once it actually started, I savoured every moment of it. And now, here we are with less than two weeks left of classes (all of which are held in the building pictured above, by the way).

Action Sequence Shots

The key shots in any action sequence are: wide, face, over-the-shoulder and hands/action.

The purpose of filming action sequence shots is to capture someone doing something in an organized manner. Pay attention to the reports on the news or any documentaries you watch. You’ll notice that they are full of sequence shots.

In broadcast news for TV, the basic types of shots are: general shots, interview shots and action sequence shots.