Third Reich Tourism in Germany

The British have long been fascinated by Nazi Germany. UK tour companies even offer package tours to Germany that visit sites connected to Hitler and the Third Reich. In a journey across the country from the Bavarian Alps to the Baltic Sea, I follow a group of British travellers on one of these tours to find out whether a fascination for Nazi Germany really is the reason why some of the tour members have come.

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Right now, I’m in a stage many people would describe as uncomfortable or even painful. I’ve just finished a year of postgraduate studies, and I’ve slowly started the job hunt. During this in between period, nothing is certain. I have no idea what country I may be moving to in the next few months. I’ll move to wherever the job takes me, really.  And yet I’m not panicking.

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2016 US Election: Americans in Cardiff

What is it like for Americans in Cardiff watching the US presidential primary election from across the pond? Republican candidate Donald Trump has been all over the news, but he’s also been on the minds of some Americans abroad.

It’s a long way to the White House and choosing the next president of the United States isn’t simple. Though the general election – where ballots are cast for the next president of America – isn’t until 8 November, the voting going on right now is for the nomination of one candidate to represent each of America’s main political parties: one Democrat and one Republican.

Two Democrats and four Republicans are currently competing in a series of state contests to gain their party’s nomination. This summer, only one Democrat and one Republican candidate will emerge. The two will continue campaigning throughout the fall until the general election.

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Couch to 5k Cardiff

Grangetown local Daniel Allsopp will start training his fourth Couch to 5k group next Monday. He runs the five-week program solely on donations to charity out of a passion for active, healthy lifestyles at a time when obesity rates in the UK are on the rise. 

Daniel Allsopp

“If you commit to the program, you’ll progress.” – Daniel Allsopp


Sessions will be held on Mondays and Thursdays at 7:30pm and will start and end at the Cardiff International Pool car park. Though the program is aimed at beginners, all are welcome. Those who are interested in signing up may do so by contacting Daniel Allsopp directly. A one-off donation of £10 to the Dreams and Wishes charity confirms one’s spot.

Citizens such as Allsopp are doing their part in helping to tackle the obesity crisis in Britain. Twenty-nine percent of people in the UK are obese and treating the consequences of obesity costs the NHS about £5bn per year.

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When impartiality is sacrificed for politics

In search of the truth, this column questions how Canada’s trash ended up in the Philippines as well as critically assesses an article that covered the dumping scandal in terms of journalistic concepts and principles.

Cut-off date: 11 December 2015

Filipino environmental activists hold a protest outside the Canadian embassy in Manila on 7 May 2015. Photo: AP Photo


When I first read Tristin Hopper’s newspaper article, I felt angry and ashamed. I didn’t want to believe that my native country had sent 50 shipping containers full of metro Vancouver waste to Manila. Over the past two years, Filipinos have been asking Canada to take back their trash. Whether the containers had actually been labelled “scrap plastic materials for recycling” or not, inspectors reported finding “rotting household waste and soggy paper” inside them.

After the initial shock, I took a closer, more critical look at the article. What was so important about this story that it made front page news? And why was it published on 13 October 2015 if the trash was sent to the Philippines two years earlier?

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