Germany: The Migrant Crisis

As hundreds of asylum seekers continue to enter Germany each day, the country faces more and more challenges. The question is, how well is Germany coping with the migrant crisis within its borders? 

Cut-off date: 1 December 2015


People often queue for days at the central registration centre for refugees and asylum seekers in Berlin’s Moabit district. Photo: REUTERS


He was sick of waking up in the middle of the night to music blasting from someone else’s cell phone. He could no longer bear living with a hundred others in a crowded gymnasium. He hated being unable to work and the resultant boredom. Most of all, he was frustrated by the uncertainty of whether his family would be able to join him and fearful for their safety.

“I would rather die in my homeland than stay here,” Murad Kulli told Der Tagesspiegel before he left.

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Action Sequence Shots

The key shots in any action sequence are: wide, face, over-the-shoulder and hands/action.

The purpose of filming action sequence shots is to capture someone doing something in an organized manner. Pay attention to the reports on the news or any documentaries you watch. You’ll notice that they are full of sequence shots.

In broadcast news for TV, the basic types of shots are: general shots, interview shots and action sequence shots.

Radio Package: Bath Street Food

I killed two birds with one stone when I visited Bath, England last month. I had the chance to be touristy and check out all the sights. I also conducted a few interviews and recorded the necessary audio in order to complete a radio package assignment for my broadcast course.


Immediately before you press the play button below, imagine yourself hearing a radio host say:

“The Bath Street Food market ends today (Saturday). The festival ran all throughout October in the city centre at SouthGate. It was one of the many events that took place during the month-long food fair, The Great Bath Feast. Shelley Pascual reports.”



Irene Smith was a vendor at the Bath Street Food Market.


I conducted a vox pop on the streets of Cardiff last week. Vox pop means “voice of the people” in Latin. The purpose of it is to find out what people think about an issue. In search of opinions, the question I went around asking people was, “What do you think Wales should be doing about the current refugee crisis?” Here’s what some of them had to say.

A New Chapter


It’s official. I’m going back to university! (insert emoji of sassy woman doing the jig here) Whereas some dread the idea of enrolling into an educational institution after having already achieved a qualification, I, on the other hand, have never felt more free.

Studying Journalism will allow me to finally focus on my career. It will open doors to the industry I want to influence and be a part of. I entertained the idea of doing a Masters program for far too long, and now that everything’s actually coming together, I have been on a constant natural high.

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