Until recently, I was ignorant of the fact that there exist a few UNESCO World Heritage Sites close to where I currently live (Lower Saxony, Germany). Fagus Factory, better known as Fagus-Werk, is one of them. Designed by the founder of the Bauhaus School, Walter Gropius, the building was considered unusually modern when it was erected in 1911 because it dismissed traditional forms and instead, considered the need for light, air and clarity.

A timeless example of 21st century architecture, I would not have been surprised if someone had told me the factory was new. The glass and steel windows are, in my opinion, especially stunning. When I visited Fagus-Werk a few weeks ago, I joined a tour and learned that while the windows have recently been restored, the brick structure of the building remains in original condition.

So what kind of goods are produced here exactly?

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